Dhaliwal Laboratories handles the contract manufacturing and private labeling of personal care products, over-the-counter (OTC) drug preparations and cosmetics. We manufacture and fill a wide range of products, including: skin care, hair care, liquid soaps, deodorants, high alcohol content products, acetone based products, organic or green products, lip balms, fragrances, mascaras, analgesic products, animal care products and more!

Dhaliwal Laboratories is your third party manufacturer + marketer + designer + engineer all in one. We understand your needs as we have also come from all areas of the industry. We have two manufacturing facilities, one based in Dallas and another in Bedford Park right outside of Chicago. They encompass all aspects of production, from formulation to product delivery. We are a turnkey solution for you and provide many services such as custom formulation and product design, flexible order size handling, short lead times and a dependable process. Our industry experience allows us to scale your production and grow with your product and brand!

Our Capabilities